Monday, December 27, 2010


That was a different Christmas. New family, lots of laughs, friends, drinks, cookies, love, pictures and new stories to tell! Thanks Maumis and Ma, 'cause you guys made it even more special! Love you guys!

good cookie, my chritmas present this year! thanks Buckets!


  1. coookie, cookie... mine expired before i had the courage to surrender to its power. (is it the one u r talking about?)
    seems like u guys had a lot of fun!
    the pictures look beautiful and tell a good story displayed in the blog the way they are! lovely to watch :)

  2. (its exactly the one you're talking about!)
    they were lovely, i got it from a friend i made here, from work. he gave me as a christmas present, =) and i shared with maumis and marcos.
    keep watching the pictures hermana, lots to come, included analogue ones. ;) beijos